About SA Points & Exchanging Points for Items


What are SA Points (Sonny Angel Points) ?

When you register an account and shop at our Sonny Angel Store, you will receive SA Points for items that you purchase. These SA Points can be exchanged with special items that are only available at our store.

This is an example of how many SA Points can be received per purchase:


※ The amount of SA Points that can be earned varies with each item of purchase.
※ Once SA Points have been exchanged with items, points will immediately be deducted from your account.

Exchanging SA Points for Items

Step 1
Make sure you are logged into your account. Go to the SA Point Exchange Items page and click on individual items to see details.
Step 2
Choose the items you want to exchange and add them to your cart.
You can check items in your cart by clicking on POINT CART located at the very top of the page.
Step 3
Once you have decided on your order, proceed with check out. When your order has been finalized, you will receive an email with your order details.

 Please Read Before Exchanging

SA Point exchange item orders cannot be cancelled/altered. Please take care when ordering.

Up to 4 pieces of SA Point exchange items in total can be ordered per one time.

SA Point exchange items cannot be sent out together with other Sonny Angel Store items.

It may take a few days to process orders depending on the number of orders we receive.

Overseas orders may take longer to be delivered.

SA Point exchange items may end or change at any time without prior notice.

SA Point Validity Period

SA Points are valid from September 1st until August 31st following.

  • ※ SA Points are reset to 0 points every September 1st. (The site may undergo maintenance from Aug 31st to make necessary changes.)
  • ※ Once points are reset, they cannot be recovered. We advise you to use your SA Points as early as possible before they expire.

SA Point FAQ

QHow can I collect SA Points?
AYou must register an account with us before you can shop at the Sonny Angel Store. Once you start shopping, you will receive SA Points according to the items you purchase.
QWhat can I exchange my SA Points for?
AWe have a range of cute Sonny Angel items that you can exchange for with your hard earned SA Points. Please login to your account to be able to exchange SA Points for items.
QWhere can I check to see my current SA Points?
AOnce you login to your account, you can see your current SA Points and membership rank in the "SA POINT & MEMBER RANK" section, located on the left menu. Your total SA Points will also show up when you login to your account and go to the SA Point Exchange Items page.
QCan I cancel or change my SA Point exchange item order?
AUnfortunately, we cannot accept any cancellations or alterations to SA Point exchange item orders we receive. We advise you to take care when ordering.
QCan I apply for an exchange or refund on my SA Point exchange item orders?
AWe cannot accept exchange or refund requests for SA Point exchange item orders. However, in cases of defective items we may offer a replacement for the same item.
QCan I exchange SA Points for money, or use it for product discounts?
ASA Points cannot be exchanged for money or used for any discount purposes. SA Points can only be used when exchanging for SA Point items.
QCan I transfer or give my SA Points to another account/user?
ASA Points cannot be shared between users or transferred to other accounts.
QCan my shipping address be different to my billing address when making a SA Point exchange item order?
AYes, you can assign a different address for shipping. Please register and manage your addresses in MY ACCOUNT after logging in. You can also assign addresses when you are checking out your order.
QCan I get back SA Points that have expired?
AUnfortunately you will not be able to get back SA Points once they have expired.
QWhat happens to my SA Points if I delete my account?
AIf you choose to delete your account, please be aware that you will lose all SA Points accumulated on that account.